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British Lion scheme has helped improve public health

Food safety programmes led by the British Lion scheme, have made a major contribution to improvements in public health due to the ‘remarkable decline’ in non-typhoidal salmonella in the UK.

That’s according to a research report published recently on www.egginfo.co.uk . The research paper, ‘The “decline and fall” of non-typhoidal salmonella in the United Kingdom’, was published in Clinical Infectious Diseases in December 2012 and outlined how the fall in salmonella cases coincided with the introduction of measures including an industry-led vaccination programme Read Full Article…

Eggs are even good for unborn babies

Pregnant mums. Did you know that eggs are not only good for you, they’re good for your unborn baby? That’s according to new research which has just come out.

Scientists in the US have discovered that taking more choline during pregnancy may reduce your baby’s vulnerability to stress-related illnesses in later life, and even help with long term conditions like high blood pressure. Read Full Article…

Ignore the finger-waggers. You SHOULD go to work on an egg!

Another week, another humiliating blow for the healthy eating lobby. Yet again, their advice on nutrition, delivered in those familiar authoritative, disapproving tones, has proved to be completely misleading. Read Full Article…

Death of the microwave meal

Busy Brits are ditching microwave meals in favour of home-cooked ‘fast food’, a study has revealed.

Worries about the cost and their diet means that people are now cooking something quick from scratch, such as a stir-fry or omelette, instead of reaching for the staple microwave ready-meal when they are short of time.

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Look for the Lion

A recent investigation revealed that there could be as many as 20 million hens still housed in illegal battery cages in Europe. Read Full Article…