Free range

Increasing free range egg production to meet customer demand is currently one of our top priorities.

To compliment our own free range units, we’ve developed long term partnerships with independent free range egg farmers who share our high standards and eye for detail. Together we provide the UK’s shops with eggs that are unsurpassed in terms of food quality and quality of life for the hens that lay them.

  • All our free range eggs are produced to ‘British Lion Quality’ and ‘RSPCA Assured’ standards, so they often exceed basic legal requirements. For example, they have daytime access to at least an acre of range for every 800 hens.
  • Unrestricted access to fresh food and water.
  • Mandatory vaccination against Salmonella Enteritidis.


Our free range eggs are fully traceable from the farms where they’re laid to the shop where they’re sold and our rigorous quality control ensures they reach customers in the best possible condition.


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