Higher welfare colony housing

Our caged eggs are laid by hens housed in modern enriched colony housing, in line with the European Union Directive 1999 / 74 / EC.

Towards the end of 2011 we completed a five-year, £6m project to move all of our caged laying hens out of ‘barren battery cages’ and into brand new enriched colony houses, which provide the best possible conditions for large groups of laying hens. Their environment is computer controlled and keep’s the temperature and ventilation as close to perfect as possible. This information is then relayed to our farming team alerting them, day or night, to any potential problems.

Each colony holds approximately 60 hens and is specially designed so they can perch, scratch and nest naturally.

In an enriched colony house, birds never come into contact with their own droppings. This helps keep their food and water clean, so they’re less likely to suffer illnesses requiring antibiotics.

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