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British Lion scheme has helped improve public health

Food safety programmes led by the British Lion scheme, have made a major contribution to improvements in public health due...
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Eggs are even good for unborn babies

Pregnant mums. Did you know that eggs are not only good for you, they’re good for your unborn baby? That’s according...
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Ignore the finger-waggers. You SHOULD go to work on an egg!

Another week, another humiliating blow for the healthy eating lobby. Yet again, their advice on nutrition, delivered...
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Egg-straordinary facts!

An average hen lays 300 to 325 eggs a year and starts laying eggs at 19 weeks of age.

A cloudy white is a sign of freshness, not age, because of high carbon dioxide content when the egg is laid.

Egg yolk is one of the few foods that contain Vitamin D.