In the mid 60’s, Carl and Peter hatched a plan.

The twin brothers decided to buy a small derelict farmhouse and a piece of land at Swineshead, and soon set about building their first hen house. The egg industry was in its infancy at the time, with eggs considered a luxury protein packed food item, but the brothers saw the potential for building a future-ready egg business.

It is fair to say the farm was a very different place back then – the chickens had to share with a number of other tenants including a dozen cows, two horses, twenty or-so sheep, two dogs and a goat (named Billy!)

After much hard work and determination, birdbros eggs began to move up the pecking order across the local counties realising that the happier the birds, the tastier the eggs. And that became the founding principle for their rapidly growing business and one that lives on today.

Fast forward 50 years and birdbros now supply over 4 million fresh eggs each week across the UK. We’re proud to deliver our eggs to a diverse customer mix of smaller independent shops, national retailers, and large scale wholesale and food service providers

Sons Matthew and Stuart have come aboard along the way and with a loyal and dedicated team, they are growing and evolving the business for the future.


Things can change. And so do we.

We’ve been the pre-eminent egg producer and supplier in the East Anglian region for over 50 years. With a focus on quality, we pride ourselves on our ability to get things right for our customers, and to pivot in a new direction when required to do so.

Since the turn of the century, the company has:

  • Invested over £25 million into the housing and equipment for our hens. This included a £6 million project in 2011 to replace the traditional old style ‘battery cages’ with a new ‘enriched colony’ system, and more recently laid out plans for a £10 million Vision 2028 investment plan to once again, convert our Sunny farm site to a more modern and welfare friendly ‘barn’ egg production system.
  • Invested £6 million building a completely new and industry leading Packaging & Distribution HQ, in the heart of our home in Bedfordshire. The Centre features an LED lighting system which operates automatically by motion detection and was built using highly efficient insulation to reduce energy waste and ensure optimum conditions for our products. Specialist machinery, robotics and advanced IT software was installed enabling the site to efficiently process up to 10 million eggs each week.
  • As part of our sustainability drive, installed solar units totaling over 800KW’s too generate clean energy and save electricity.
  • Continuously upgraded the distribution fleet which collects and delivers our eggs in temperature controlled, low emissions vehicles.
  • In 2017, opened a flagship free-range egg farm in Cambridgeshire. The eggs from this farm support our Fairview Farms, Golden Yolk product range, offering our customers the very best that we can provide.