Why our eggs fly off the shelves

Our native tree plantations provide idyllic natural surroundings for our free range hens to explore. The result is happy healthy birds, producing high quality eggs that are exceptionally handsome and perfectly delicious.

Cracking open the shell to reveal the yolks is a golden moment every time – whether they’re our freshly laid free range, organic, or standard.

Really free

As well as their cosy shelters, our free range hens roam freely around a substantial pasture with plenty of trees and hedgerows to explore, and unrestricted access to fresh food and water.

Rising demand for free range varieties have seen us increasing production considerably, with the opening of our all-new egg farm in East Anglia, and through long term partnerships with independent free range egg farmers who share our high standards and ‘happy hen’ beliefs.

All our free range eggs are produced to ‘British Lion Quality’ and ‘RSPCA Assured’ standards.

Like all our eggs, our free range varieties eggs are fully traceable from the farms where they’re laid to the shop where they’re sold, so you can be sure that all Bird Bros free range eggs are as fresh and tasty as they could possibly be.