The best of everything

And that always includes what’s best for the environment.

We’ve planted tens of thousands of native trees and hedgerows in our free range hen habitats. Not only does this help increase biodiversity within habitats, it can also help promote natural behaviours and provide shade and shelter for the birds so they roam further on the ranges.

We’ve incorporated some clever designing into our free-range accommodation with the introduction of verandas; overhead roofing which protects the pop-holes from the elements and allows the birds some outside shelter space, even when it’s raining.

After collecting the eggs on reusable plastic trays, they’re brought to the Packing Centre for grading. The trays are then washed after each use to improve farm bio-security and through installing advanced machinery, robotics and IT upgrades, plastic usage has been either removed completely or significantly reduced.

We also generate and use our own clean solar energy, have clever lighting that switches itself off when not in use and our Packing Centre, with its fully automatic egg sorting grader, has a low carbon footprint.

Finally, we run a modern distribution fleet and use route planning software to minimise delivery mileage.