Anything but standard

Packed full of tasty goodness with deep golden yolks, our beautifully fresh eggs also come packed with the essential accreditation’s that can only be earned for the very highest standards and quality, including:



RSPCA Assured: for our free range egg-laying hens, relating to their health, diet, environment and care. We must provide hens with extended range coverage, both naturally from trees and artificially from shelters. Better lives deliver much better eggs!

The RSPCA Assured Certification ensures that the supply chain also adhere to the standards they set. More information can be found here.



BRC Global Standards: a leading safety and quality certification programme designed for food processing operators that handle, process or pack open food. We’re one of 28,000 sites across the globe that are recognised as producing and supplying an excellent quality product.


That’s a lot of feathers in our cap!

Quality control

In addition, we have our very own high-tech in-house testing facility, which allows our egg ‘boffins’ to regularly carry out detailed quality checks on the product. Not only does this ensure that we’re constantly monitoring the quality of our eggs but also provides complete traceability to every egg that we produce.