Our birds

Little wonders

At Bird Bros we rear all of our chicks (or pullets) on our own rearing farms, moving them at around 4 months into laying houses. We haven’t found a better way to be sure of rearing the very healthiest chickens, who then reward us (and you) with their very best and tastiest eggs.

Ladies that lay

Once our pullets come of age, we move them into our laying houses. These ladies are the core of our business and as we’ve found that happy and healthy hens make tastier eggs, we have a dedicated stocks team that look after their welfare around the clock; constantly checking house conditions, including temperature, humidity, bird behaviour and food and water supplies.

We produce 80% of the eggs we process with the remaining 20% coming from local farmers that share our passion and commitment to providing healthy and tasty eggs. All the eggs that come into the Packing Centre are fully traceable so we can tell exactly where and when it was produced, even down to what the birds were being fed that day. This process gives us greater control over the end product and ensures that we’re providing the consumer with the best quality eggs at all times.

It’s a hen’s life

Did you know that hens are descendants of jungle fowl and so naturally prefer cover and shelter; historically to protect them from predators. Our free-range birds enjoy hedgerows, trees and purpose-built shelters on their ranges to help them feel safe. To aid this, we’ve planted more than 10,000 trees, shrubs and hedgerows across our ranges. Not only does this promote biodiversity to the wider natural environment, the additional cover means our birds will roam further and enjoy a more relaxed life.

Our ladies are also incredibly curious and so we provide a number of interactive enrichment toys within the ranges to stimulate them and stop them from getting bored.