Golden opportunity as Bird Bros launches new white egg offering

Bird Bros has expanded its product range with the launch of a new golden yolk white egg range, White Gold.

Produced on specially selected family farms, the new range from the British Lion accredited egg supplier will be a free range, premium egg product characterised by its white shell and deep golden yolk.

The range will be available from 3rd June in boxes of six, at an MRSP of £2.65 for mixed weight and £2.80 for large.

Matthew Bird, commercial director at Bird Bros, said: “Back in the 70s and 80s, white hens and their eggs were a common sight in the UK, however over time consumers switched to brown eggs, which then became the default choice for UK producers.

“White eggs are produced from white hens and from a bird management perspective, due to their docile nature, are easier to manage, more feed efficient, and capable of producing eggs over a longer laying cycle than brown hens. This improved efficiency will help to support our long-term sustainability goals and ensure our business continues to look at innovation as part of our broader supply strategy.

“The hens roam freely among the specially grown tree plantations and are fed with our enriched bespoke feed, ensuring a deliciously tasty, rich golden yolk which we are especially proud to bring to the market.”

There has been increasing uptake for white eggs among retailers in recent years, and earlier this month, Co-op became the latest retailer to announce its white egg plans in support of its one hundred per cent free range offer.

With white eggs playing an increasingly important role in producer and retailer supply strategies, Bird Bros has plans to expand the range further in future.

You can learn more about the new White Gold range here.